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If you are ready to start your online business simply fill out the form below. Your new business will be created automatically. Please be sure to include a valid email address as the program will email you all of your new email marketing business information login urls and passwords upon hosting payment completion. MMACO has noticed that Verizon and Comcast email address's sometimes trap our emails in a SPAM filter. If you have a Verizon or Comcast email address please check your SPAM folder for any emails from MMACO.

Hosting for your MMACO Email Marketing Business is $5.00 a month for a "Credit Based" business or $3.75 a month for a "Non-Credit Based" business. Both business's carry the MMACO guarantee of never increasing regardless of membership size or bandwidth usage. MMACO also accepts SafePay and Pay Stone. If you wish to use SafePay or Pay Stone Please contact us by using the contact form on the website before you create your business. MMACO does offer discounts for multiple email marketing business's. You may inquire about this using the contact form on the website also. Please be aware of MMACO's SPAM POLICY...

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