Run Your Own Credit-Based Safelist

All of these safelists already have lots of members! Just edit your admin profile so that "you" get paid!
Accept payments for credits, banners, upgrades, and the multi-submitter. The multi-submitter sends to all
Mmaco safelists with one click, and any member can join! The cost is $1.50 per month, and "you" will receive those payments each
and every month, from everyone who joins the submitter through "your" safelist! Plus you can sell solo ads to your safelist if you choose.

Have Your Own Mailing List! You Can Also Send Your Own Ads To Your List!

Just $3.00 per month! 

The price does not increase as your member-base grows. It's $3.00 per month...period!  Check them out below.

Abundance                        AdABaby                       AOK
Ad Manager                        Ad Racer  Ad Search
Ad Manager 8                       Ad Shine Artistic
Ad Racer 8 Ad Share (taken)
Ad Shine Ad Campaign (taken)
Advert Available Success 
Alia Amore2
Ad Craze Ant Chukoa
Alawa Ace Up His Sleeve
Be Ready Black White n Red
Bling Big Money List (taken)
Bloodhound Safelist (taken) Barbaras List
Biker Mama  Black Rain 
Business Searcher  Blue Birds
Broadcast Ads (taken) Charmed Ones
Crossworld Safelist  Coming Up Roses 
Chocolate  Come As Your Are
Classic Rock (taken) Cute Donkey
Cashin Care To Share 
Crazy Big Chameleon
Chapa Cujo
Calla Lily Country Mile
Crack of Day Coming Up A Cloud
Dillons List Discount Advertising (taken)
Dream Time (taken) Doba
Daffodil Dead Ringer
Eazy Euros (taken) E Send (taken)
Eatin High On The Hog Flamingo
Friends List (taken) Florida Bound 
Failure is Not An Option Fair Piece
Googly Eyes Granny Rules (taken)
Grannies Girls Green Apples 
Good Measure Gentle Giants
Get er Done (taken) Get Urs
Giddy Up Go (taken) Good Cents Safelist (taken)
Great Spirit Gerbera Daisy
Gladiolus Gardenia
Gracious Plenty Guduf
Grandchildren Are Precious               Home Run
Health and Wealth Honor the Elders
Haloke Hanker
Harley (taken) Helping Hand (taken)
Home Biz Newbies High Tech
In Memory of  I Want To Succeed (taken)
I Wish List Incredible
I See U Iris
Keep Up Kool Links (taken)
Kimimela Laughing Coyote
Love My Shoes (taken) Lolly
Look At Me Luck Day 
Logged In Look N See
Luna Lakota
Major (taken) Making It Work (taken)
My Story (taken) Magnolia
Marigold Migisi
Mai Magaskawee
Makimuk My Heaven 
Money Tree  Must See 
Marketers Zen  Mellow Yellow
Money Mojo (taken) My Treasures (taken)
Money Staircase (taken) My Future 
My Fun List (taken) Marketing Essentials (taken)
Massive Sales (taken) Mystical Traveler (taken)
New Opportunities (taken) NetGranny Safelist (taken)
No Limits (taken) Net Community 
Now Read Emails (taken) Newsletter Join
Oranges  Over Achiever (taken)
Only Smiles  Online Services 
Pina Coladas (taken) Pretty Penny (taken)
Prosperous Blessings (taken) Pure Profits Safelist 
Peony Post It Note 
Primo List (taken) Pink Elephant
Prime Time (taken) Piggy Bank (taken)
Positive Ads (taken) P3 Safelist
Partners2Enterprises Pink I'm Not Dead
Positive Affirmations  Pixie Dust (taken)
Party Time  Questt For Sun
Quetsi Red Carpet Safelist
Route 66 (taken) Rock The World (taken)
Red Velvet Right As Rain
Root Hog or Die Snow Moon
Sunset Sunrise (taken)
Sweet Pea Sly As A Fox 
See My Ads (taken) Sign Up Now 
Smile A Lot (taken) Sweet Dreams 
Sunshine and Success (taken) Shiska
Sunshine and Lollipops Sunflowers 
Stop Smoking (taken) Safety List (taken)
Squeaky Express Sequoyas Safelist
Source Ads (taken) Thor (taken)
Tsalini Tulip
That Dog Will Hunt Tote
Thanky Tiger List (taken)
Time To Send (taken) Time For Fun
Turn It The Cherry Street
Top Biz Universe (taken) Too Much Caffine (taken)
The Snow Lake Express Tonkawa Safelist